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To install Java( I have installed the JDK 8 here)

Java SE Development Kit 8 — Downloads — Oracle

Choose the macOS X64 option and then click the download that corresponds to it. After that you have to choose the license agreement option and then oracle will ask you to create an account and in case you do not have any then create an account. After you sign in with your account then only the download would start.

I have used Eclipse IDE for writing my Java programs.

To install Eclipse.

download an Eclipse IDE package

Then clicked on the link below.

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

and downloaded the macOS version.

There are many ways of solving this…

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The below installation is for Mac OS.Generally Python comes pre-installed with Mac

Install Homebrew. Homebrew is a package manager for Mac OS.

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL"

Then install python using Homebrew.

brew install python

Using Homebrew to install python would also add the python path.

To check if you have python

python — version

To check if you have pip

pip — version

To install pip

curl -o

Or if you don’t have curl then


You may need Xcode to run your python especially if you are using node.

Xcode is Apple’s Integrated Development Environment…

First let’s get a recap of what are trees.

Trees are data structure that have many children. The root node is the top most node in the tree and the child node emerge from the root node.

Now what are binary trees?

Binary trees are tree data structure that have only two child(left and right) hence the name and the nodes which does not have any children are leaf nodes.The left and right child or nodes are subtrees off binary tree.

Binary search trees are binary trees but the left half /subtree of a binary search tree is always lesser…

SQL (pronounced “ess-que-el”) stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to communicate with a database.A query is a question or inquiry about a set of data.SQL is used for accessing and manipulating databases. The major commands that SQL uses are(SELECT, INSERT, DELETE,UPDATE)

A select SQL query is written as:

SELECT * FROM table.

Where “* “ means all.

SQL query with constraints is written as:

SELECT column_1, column_2, …

FROM table

WHERE condition

AND/OR other_condition

Many operator can be used to write the conditions.

Some keywords can be used to write SQL queries which helps in filtering and sorting…

While doing my project using React application I had to do some stretch goals one of them that I did was sorting and the other was animating a text using a React library. First , let me go to the sorting. At first I did a sorting while rendering a list in the ascending alphabetical order but then I was not happy with the result. Started searching on the internet and decided to do the sorting with clicking on a button first would sort it in ascending order and clicking on it again would sort it in descending order.


Every React Component has a lifecycle of its own, lifecycle of a component can be defined as the series of methods that are invoked in different stages of the component’s existence.

A React Component can go through four stages of its life as follows.

  • Initialization: This is the stage where the component is constructed with the given Props and default state. This is done in the constructor of a Component Class.
  • Mounting: Mounting is the stage of rendering the JSX returned by the render method itself.
  • Updating: Updating is the stage when the state of a component is updated and…

FETCH() in JavaScript

The fetch() function in JavaScript is used to request to the server across the network , process the request and load information in the webpages. It is a simpler way to consume resources asynchronously. Fetch lets us work with REST API’s.

Below is an illustrated diagram of how a fetch works.

Diagram from (How To Make A Chart Using Fetch & REST API’s)

Before we move onto fetch() a short recap on REST API’s and asynchronous method.

There are few different types of REST API’s [GET, POST, PUT, DELETE] and there are three elements in every REST API [REQUEST, RESPONSE and HEADERS]

Fetch() works with promises which makes it…

Database normalization is organizing data in such a way as to eliminate redundancy and get rid of duplicate data. It was first proposed by Edgar F. Codd as a part of his relational model.Redundancies can adversely affect analysis of data.We use data normalization for the following purposes

  • To logically group together data
  • To resolve any conflicting data
  • Formatting the data

Finally data normalization consolidates data, combining it into much more organized structure.

Why is Data Normalization important?

Data normalization gets rid of a number of anomalies that can make analysis of the data complicated. …

Pry is a powerful debugging tool for junior ruby developers. It is a ruby gem. Pry is primarily the work of John Mair(banisterfiend). I came across pry during pre-work at flatiron school and ever since then , I have used it to see the return value of my code. It helped to clearly understand how my code was working. Pry freezes the program so that I can get inside my code and find out what’s going on and what needs fixing. …

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